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What About Pilgrim Bible East Church?

We are named after Pilgrim Bible Church in Tacoma, WA out of love, respect and remembrance for Pastor Bryan Pollock who went home to be with Yashua in 2009.

Bryan wrote;

A survey of the contemporary evangelical scene reveals some startling facts: church attendance is up, way up, while Bible knowledge is down, way down! More people now say they believe in God than ever before according to a recent Gallup survey, while an equally high number of respondents said they did not believe that truth is absolute. You are left to wonder just what kind of God these people worship!? These paradoxes shouldn't surprise us; never before in the history of the church has doctrine been so universally disparaged and held in contempt. And this attitude threatens the very gospel message Messiah commissioned His Bride to proclaim
Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 24:46-47).

The title of a best-seller sums it up well, the church has become Ashamed of the Gospel!

The church too often today is more concerned with "relevance" than truth. It marches to the drum beat of popularity and trendiness. It gets its agenda from the world and has succumbed to worldliness. For example, tolerance is the great virtue of our age, and anyone who would dare "call a spade a spade" and refer to someone's activities or lifestyle as "sinful" is stigmatized as the real enemy of society and progress. Tolerance has also invaded the church in the form of a growing acceptance of heresy (the openness of God theology, for example) and a corresponding reluctance to confront sin within the Body as the Bible specifically instructs.
Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13).

At Pilgrim Bible Church East, we believe that true, Messiah-exalting worship should involve a loss of and a death to one's self as the worshiper becomes caught up in the majesty and magnificence of God, and it should engage the whole man as he becomes "lost in wonder, love and praise!" At Pilgrim Bible Church East such Messiah-centered and Messiah-exalting worship is our goal. We believe that necessitates a careful and systematic expounding of the Scriptures each Lord's Day coupled with the singing of hymns and some choruses that are both doctrinally rich and lyrically beautiful. We believe the church should both sing as well hear and ponder its theology!

    Though we believe passionately in doctrinal precision, making sure we "dot our theological i's and cross our theological t's," we hope to do so under grace in a charitable and kindly fashion, believing as we do that conformity to Messiah, the ultimate result of all proper worship, also means conformity to His winsomeness, gentleness and mercy. Earnestly contending for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (
Jude 3) need not make the saints contentious (2 Timothy 2:24-25).

It is our desire to continue what Bryan did, as a sister assembly in the Roanoke area.  And by the grace of our God Elohim, we can embrace, with all of our leb, (our heart, our being) the doctrine of justification and what it means to be declared righteous.  

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